A Secret Little Room

I remember one afternoon I was walking to a college class alongside a friend. He confessed that he was bored, and he wasn’t sure what to do with a couple hours of spare time that he had. With humor I said the following:

“You know…I know this secret little room. It’s over on the other side of campus hidden behind some bushes. If you open the door and walk in, you’ll see that the room is pretty plain, except there’s a golden box against the opposite wall. Inside this box…you’re not going to believe this…but this box literally contains the GOD OF THE UNIVERSE who breathed out the stars and created everything you’ve ever known! And by the way, he loves you more than anyone, and he’s asked you to talk to him frequently.”

He laughed, and I meant it to be funny, although I was dead serious about what I said. It was true. That room exists, and that little box exists. It’s there right now. There are lots of them throughout the entire world actually, probably very near yourself. What’s interesting is how rarely we visit it, even those of us who believe it’s real.

When you’re bored or building your schedule, shouldn’t you consider visiting the Blessed Sacrament? There are always opportunities to do so, but for some reason, the only people taking advantage are elderly women. Wouldn’t you have a lot more to gain sitting in a room with God than standing in line with other human beings running some miscellaneous errand? I’m not saying that you shouldn’t run errands or that you don’t have responsibilities in the world, but I am saying that visiting the Blessed Sacrament should be a priority.

If you think you don’t have time, you probably do somewhere. If you really don’t have time, you should let go of something less important to make room. Even just once a month will make a difference. Go to daily mass, adoration, or just sit down in a quiet church. You’ll immediately feel the difference.