Winter Vanquished

You black and icy iron chain
That shackles hand and foot,
You filled my heart with doubt and shame;
You filled my lungs with soot.

In my youth you held me down.
In winter cold you grew.
You made me fear for all I had
And question all I knew.

When I became aware of you,
I knew you for my foe.
And though I begged and though I clawed
You would not let me go.

And then in deep December,
At the height of winter’s choke,
A star appeared, and all at once,
You found your power broke.

And now you cling to what is left,
Which will be taken away.
For the breath of spring has come at last
And strengthens every day.

Though your efforts now renewed
We feel at midnight’s chime,
With naught but joy we look to dawn,
For you are out of time.