Would You Trust

Would you trust a soldier
Who runs into the war
With no armor on his back
Despite his prideful roar?

He says he will not fall
And he says he will not die
But Truth itself will soon reveal
Such claims to be a lie

Would you trust that soldier
And follow in his wake
Knowing that his blinding pride
Is just one big mistake?

Would he crash into the war
And soon be violently slain
Leaving you so very alone
In a vast and empty plain?

It is my hope fair maiden
That you’d trust a different knight
One who has no armour
But won’t pretend it’s right

How can I dare to hold you
And tell you not to go?
Even myself I can’t protect
I’ve nothing of value to show

It is my hope dear girl
That as I run to Life
You’ll trust and follow in my wake
In lieu of hopeless strife

For maybe I have seen the Way
And if to me you cling
You won’t just be with a fallen man
…but with a standing King