True Devotion

My Lord, for you I present endless bounds of grandeur. A magnificent cathedral with high steeples and heavy wooden doors leading within. The bells ring out mightily to announce your arrival. Candles on the altar; their flames flicker and tremble in your presence. Clouds of incense rise to the Heavens; prayers from the faithful ascend with them. The air is filled with the sound of angelic voices; your glorious praises they sing. Gloria in Excelsis Deo! 

I pause to take it in. 

Surely this is all for the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords. Surely this is the best we on Earth have to offer thee. I know that even this is not enough, but surely it is the closest we have to heavenly tributes. 

A moment of peace amidst all else finds me. A still small voice from the tabernacle, “I do not need this grandeur; I do not need angelic offerings. I have the wonders of Heaven and more. I only ask for this, just your simple devotion. A grand cathedral is nothing compared to the glory of Heaven. All I want is a place in your heart. Devote yourself to me.”