A Noble Aim

I have pains and sorrows just as others do.
I go to Jesus and say the words my Lord spoke to His Father in the garden,
“Take this cup from me.”
With a noble spirit I think a second thought
“Yet not my will but thine be done.”
I will do the same as my Lord did, I will suffer for my sins. I will make reparation.
I realized not my prideful thought.
No peace came, not a dose.
Something lay still in the silence; something did not rest.
Addressing my pride, I understood.
My Lord has already suffered for those sins.
For what I have done and for what I have failed to do, my Lord has suffered.
This is not my fight; my Lord has already won.
Why fight a fight that is done?
These pains and sorrows are not mine to bear.
All that is left for me to do is accept this love.
How could I accept this tender love?
I was willing to suffer for Him, but could I let Him suffer for me?
That choice I do not have; it is finished.
My Lord died for me.
For myself I will not suffer.
But to relieve but one drop of His most precious blood.
That is a noble aim.