Winter Vanquished

You black and icy iron chain That shackles hand and foot, You filled my heart with doubt and shame; You filled my lungs with soot. In my youth you held me down. In winter cold you grew. You made me fear for all I had And question all I knew. When I became aware of you, I knew you for my foe. And though I begged and though I clawed You would not let me go

Would You Trust

Would you trust a soldier Who runs into the war With no armor on his back Despite his prideful roar? He says he will not fall And he says he will not die But Truth itself will soon reveal Such claims to be a lie Would you trust that soldier And follow in his wake Knowing that his blinding pride Is just one big mistake?

The Knowledge of God & The Knowledge of Self

First, we need to know who we are. We need to know where we are. We need to know the situation we are in. This is the knowledge of self which the Fathers taught us was so important. This is the message of the Old Testament. It is the call to "repent!" (Acts 2:38). It [...]

I Took Fifty Shots That Night

I took fifty shots that night And they rang out loud and clear They struck me each upon the heart As they shattered in my ear My friends took shots as well that night But theirs didn’t strike so deep Mine set my heart and the world ablaze While theirs put them to sleep