Bible Reading Plan

Have you ever gotten stuck trying to read through the whole Bible?

If so, this is the document for you! This carefully planned and beautifully designed reading guide is everything you need to navigate Scripture in a manageable way. The Bethlehem Society’s official “Bible Reading Plan” is different from other reading plans in a few important ways.

First, rather than breaking up different books of the Bible into individual readings that are intermixed with each other, according to this reading plan, each book of the Bible (with the exception of Psalms) is read all the way through before moving on to other books. This is an important factor as each book of the Bible has its own internal unity and ought to be considered unfragmented, as a whole. Second, the reading plan is organized into two columns: one for heavier reading and one for lighter reading. Each day when you open up your Bible, you can decide based on your timetable and state of mind if you will read the chapter from one or both of the columns. In other words, no more getting stuck in Leviticus! Longer and more difficult chapters are often split up into two readings as well. Both of these things enhance readability and mean you will always have some reprieve. Third, this unique column structure makes it possible to read the Old Testament and the New Testament together, which is the Church’s way. Fourth, this is not a “Bible in a Year” plan, which often feels rushed. This plan is not tied to any particular dates or timeframe, and you can read through at whatever pace feels natural to you. If you read one row a day, it will take you just over two years to finish the entire Bible. Fifth and finally, the readings are ordered in a way that is roughly chronological, which lends to a more intuitive experience in the Old Testament.

This reading plan is perfect for Christians of all ages, but young people in particular will appreciate the simple guidance this document has to offer. Save it to your computer, print it out, or hang it on the wall. Check off the readings you do, and see your knowledge of Christ increasing each day.

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