Working Toward Heaven

Here is a big question: what is the purpose of working? It is an important question because work is something which we're all faced with, and it's also something we frequently dread. So why do it? What are we hoping to gain? We should get at the heart of this question and find an answer [...]

Five More Minutes! To Pray?

Most of us struggle to get up early. Perhaps you don't even bother trying. If you aren't forced to get out of bed for your job or school, it is pretty easy to shrug off the conventional wisdom which suggests there is real value in rising with the sun. I encourage you to reconsider. We [...]

So What If You’re in College?

It is no secret that God wants us to give freely to what's the excuse? Think about that. The God of the universe, your creator, wants you to give some of what you have in charity. More than that, he has promised you an eternal reward for doing so (see Matthew 19:21). Most of [...]

On the Purpose of Baptism

For the longest time, if someone had asked me what the purpose of Baptism was, I would have given a pretty weak reply. I would have said something like, "it takes away Original Sin" or "it makes us children of God." These things are true in their own way, but such replies do not get [...]