Checklist for the Spiritual Life

Do you want to get closer to Jesus, but you are not quite sure where to begin? Do you know what you are supposed to do, but you are not organized or motivated enough to get it done? Do you get frustrated when the call to holiness feels too abstract and lacks the practical, day-to-day guidance that will help you live a holy life in the modern world?

If so, this is the document for you! This carefully researched and beautifully designed checklist is everything you need to manage your time, build good habits, and fall more deeply in love with Christ every day.

The Bethlehem Society’s official “Checklist for the Spiritual Life” is intended to help you get closer to God by tracking the development of good habits. The checklist is structured around three theologically legitimate categories for the growth of charity: prayer, mortification, and the sacraments. These three categories include everything necessary, as St. Josemaría says and as Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange suggests in The Three Ages of the Interior Life: “charity increases…by merit, prayer, and the sacraments.” The more you build these habits, the better you will know Christ, and the more fervently you will love him.

This checklist is perfect for Christians of all ages, but young people in particular will appreciate the simple guidance this document has to offer. Save it to your computer, print it out, or hang it on the wall. Examine your conscience every night, and start progressing along the path to Heaven!

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