Christocentric Reading List

Do you enjoy reading but struggle to know what books will be reliable, profound, and applicable? Have you searched for Catholic reading lists online, but somehow all of them seem incomplete in one way or another? Are you devoted to Christ and striving every day to know him better?

If so, this is the reading list for you! This carefully researched and beautifully designed list is everything you need to focus your education, grow in your faith, and fall more deeply in love with Christ every day.

The Bethlehem Society’s official “Christocentric Reading List” is comprised of classic texts that have withstood the test of time as well as some contemporary texts which speak in a particular way to our own time. The first half of the list focusses on Scripture, Tradition, and the Magisterium to help you contemplate the mystery of Christ as it has been revealed by God. The second half offers select works of theology, philosophy, and fiction to help you better understand the mystery of Christ and the vanity of the world.

This reading list is perfect for students, teachers, curriculum builders, parents, clergy, and all others who may be interested in the Christian intellectual life. Each column is conveniently organized in descending order, from more to less accessible, giving you the confidence to select a book that will suit your needs and abilities. Then you can read peacefully in the knowledge that you are not wasting time. Each new book will help you practice the one thing that is needful: sitting in wonder at the feet of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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