Bethlehem Prayer Cards


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This beautiful prayer was written for Catholics in the modern world who understand the mission of the Bethlehem Society. They want to eliminate distractions, rediscover the heart of the Catholic faith, and focus on getting to Christ. The prayer is split into three sections and a conclusion. Each section asks God for the grace to perform one of three primary tasks in the Christian life: 1) going to Christ, 2) loving him perfectly, and 3) mediating him to others. The conclusion expresses how exactly we can exercise our freedom to cooperate with God acting in our lives.

The prayer is full of subtle allusions to Scripture, the teachings of the Magisterium, and the writings of the saints. It is the sort of prayer you can sit with for a long time, pray devoutly every day, and return to at different times in your life with new understanding and insight. It also pairs very nicely with the Checklist of the Spiritual Life.

The Bethlehem Prayer is focused on what really matters, the one thing that is “needful” (Lk 10:42).

.: Comfortable 3.5” x 4.87” size
.: Two-sided
.: Sustainably sourced and recyclable

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